Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Mama life impulse shopping

Have you seen ads for the new Huggies jeans diapers?

A couple weeks ago, friends brought up jeans diapers in random baby-focused conversation. It might've taken place during the same afternoon party where another friend said boy, do we talk about poo a whole lot.

So poo. And diapers. And jeans diapers. They'd seen an ad.

Jeans diapers? Ridiculous! What will they think of next?!

I poo-poohed the idea.


So last night I went to the drug store for baby ibuprofin.

And then, at the end of an aisle, right there in CVS, staring me in the face, the jeans diapers! I had to get them!

My boy must poo in blue!

He hasn't yet had the pleasure of sporting them, but you can be sure I will document.

And I realized that wow, has my life changed.

Prior life impulse purchases?

Lucky jeans. Lip glosses galore. Date dresses. Emergency shoes.

Mama life impulse purchase?

Huggies Jeans Diapers.



  1. What a great idea! You mean instead of white plastic puffy butt, he can have jean tush? Heck yes, I'd buy them too if I had a boy. Next time you buy them, pick up a new lipgloss and it'll all be balanced again.

  2. Oh my...Just had to comment on the commercial. That is just ... both ridiculous, and alluring. Too bad our little guy is no longer able to style these.

    And oh, yes on your impulse buying! I love that soooo.

    Have you seen the SNL skit on the thong diaper? A rift on this... and also a bit gross, but funny.

  3. Too funny - that is quiet a change in impulse purchasing! I am aware of jeans diapers, although I must admit, I thought they were only sold in Wal-Mart in the South. How naive.

  4. Susan H - You are so right! I just needed lipgloss to make things right with the universe!

    Jane - I know - so bizarre and yet has a certain charm.

    Noooo, haven't seen the SNL thong diaper...can only imagine.

    HKW - I've since read about them and they're here for a limited time! June and July! Must get them while they're hot! Yes, I always believe the hype. :)

  5. Oh, I don't know. My impulse shopping frequently involves the $5 for $25 special at Victoria's Secret. So, our impulse shopping both involves some sort of underwear.


  6. Oh! So YOU are the person who buys those things? I never would have thought...

  7. Dagny - Well, since you put it THAT way...

    freckledk - I know, but I wear my shame proudly. Or, I suppose J is going to have to wear my shame. Obliviously.

  8. So true. I have to purposely avoid The Children's Place website. It's like an addiction. (Although I still impulse purchase lipgloss and nail polish for myself)

  9. Don't feel bad. I'm guilty, too. In fact, I pre-ordered them. And I can't remember the last time I bought lip gloss!!

  10. I saw that commercial a few days ago and yelled profanities at my tv.

  11. My father-in-law bought them for Alex before I saw them in the store. Let me know what you think. I'm suspicious of them...I think they may be to blame for a urine-anomaly.

  12. cla517 - I have a terrible time not buying J clothes. And it would be 50 times worse if I had a girl.

    Luna - When I'm being super-cheezy, I totally own up to it. I believe this is one of those instances.

    Hillary - I saw the commercial after I bought them. I think it's hilarious. I think they're hilarious. Hilarity all around! Really, my life is a hilarious non-stop diaper hilarity party.

    KLZ - I will let you know. I've never tried Huggies movers or whatever they're called.

  13. I went to Target and bought my first pair of "Jiapers" (like jeggings, only different). I can't say yet whether they really are doing anything for nico but he seems much more confident now ;-)

  14. Love it, Love it, Love it, Never seen such a thing and the add is just gorgeously hilarious.

  15. Thanks for the laugh. I shared on FB, too awesome to not.

  16. Masala Chica - And don't people say it is all about the confidence? I'm glad to hear we're in good company!

    Go-Betty - It really delights me as well. The cheese! The consumerism!

    amisare - Ha! Thanks!


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